On Web3

Here’s what we’ll be learning about together:

Or: what the heck is web3?

​ Curious about why I’m writing this? Keep on reading…

​TL;DR – I think we need many more smart humans – like you! – to put their brainpower on these concepts. So that we can have more discussions, more ideas, and more diversity. 🧠

Many people I chat with about this space think it’s mostly about finance. That crypto = day trading or speculating on bitcoins and digital art.

I think that’s one of the least interesting parts of this story.

I believe web3 can enable massive new forms of innovation and creativity for the world. And while doing so, radically redistribute wealth.

Wealth of time (increased freedom), social (more/better relationships), physical (better health), and yes, even financial wealth.

But what’s holding back more smart minds from diving in to contribute and help shape this new frontier?

I believe in part it’s the endless acronyms; massive information overload; an inaccessible cool kids culture; and honestly, just some real world examples about how these concepts can be applied to things we understand today and the challenges we’re facing right now.

So there you have it.

That’s why I’m writing this. To get more people – like you! – involved. 😉